I’m Worried Already

WELCOME TO THE WORRYWART’S  CORNER.  Gee, when I started this, I was, like, so afraid no one would come.  So, believe me, I’m very glad you’re here.  I’m Allia Zobel Nolan, and I’m a worrywart. I’ve been one all my life. Sometimes its big things, like global warming, terrorists, earthquakes, nuclear war, the downward turn of my retirement savings, the flavor of the month virus, lightning, airplanes, elevators that have me biting my nails.  Other times, it’s harmless everyday situations I blow totally out of proportion. A little indigestion?  Food poisoning. Wrong number?  A robber’s casing my house. Summer storm?   A certain tornado. 

Which is why I wrote the book, THE WORRYWART’S PRAYER BOOK: to help me calm down, realize Who’s in charge,  and find ways to spend more time in the here and now and less in worry la-la-land trying to solve problems that will never occur.  

And today, I figured I’d go one better and create a blog to help keep us all on the straight and narrow.

Pardon the appearance while I learn the software. Hopefully once I do, I can have “kewl” bells and whistles…not to mention photos and links….like other worthwhile blogs. 

How the blog looks, though, will be secondary to what’s in it: advice on how not to worry by experts, (like myself); real-life stories from people (like you and me) about how worrying affect our lives; tips to help us all get a grip; prayers, anecodotes, affirmations from everyone from Buddha to Benjamin Franklin, from C.S. Lewis to Jesus, and maybe even a contest or two….everything  you’ve ever wanted to know about worry, but were too anxious to ask.

I want this to be your corner, a place where you can learn, teach, get and give advice, vent, be happy, share, take solace, learn, laugh, pray,  and go away with a brighter, less worrisome attitude.


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