Worries, as Usual, Not Worth the Effort

Okay, so I spent most of last year worrying: about the publishing business in general (and what the turmoil would mean for authors like me in particular),  some health problems,  my dwindling 401-K, the fact that I gained a few pounds, that I couldn’t go to three step classes, plus Zumba AND Latin Impact in the same week without my body aching all over, yada,  yada, yada. I paid a visit to worry, and boy, was I having a good time there.

Now, here it is a new year, and things are ever…so….slowly…beginning to pick up….  Books came through; (so again, my worrying was not worth the effort);  there are emerging prospects out there, scads of new technologies to investigate,  health problems over. So, you think I’d be ecstatic.  I am….but there is that old “waiting for the other shoe to drop” syndrome I wrote about in my book. The old “things are too good, so I’d better expect something bad” feeling. Then I remembered John 10:10….”The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy.  I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance.”

“Goodie gumdrops,” I said to myself.  Then I thought:  Hey, this is Life 2.0, and I’m shooing those devilish negative  joy zappers away.  I’m accepting the joy I’ve been blessed with today. The sun is out; I’m above ground; I have work to do.  “Life,” as the bumper sticker says, “is good.” And I’m not spoiling it with worrisome thoughts. 

And you shouldn’t either. Marcus Aurelius said, “Our lives are what our thoughts make them.”  And that goes for all you who’re anxious of heart. So,  Carpe diem!


2 responses to “Worries, as Usual, Not Worth the Effort

  1. Hi again… Well, sometimes I think like that too.that because everything’s happening accordily, i expect bad tHings to happen and then here i go again, worrying hopelessly. It makes my heart so heavy and sometimes, i just want to cry. I mean, i’m at the part of my life where everything is good but i still worry. I don’t get it myself. How do I stop? I know but i can’t 😥

    • As I told the other person who commented, you have to train yourself not to worry. Everyone worries, but some people know how to control it. They said, Well, what can I do about it (the worry) now. If you can’t do anything at the moment, then you have to stop worrying. Or if you worry about what will happen tomorrow, well, maybe the circumstances will be different, and the thing you worried about won’t happen.

      It’s just like breaking a bad habit. If you chew your nails, you have to train yourself not to. Maybe buy yourself some small present when you don’t bite your nails (or worry) for one day, then half a day, then 20 minutes. You have to reason with yourself as well. What are the chances this and this will happen…really, what are the chances, or am I just letting my imagination take hold.

      Anyway, it’s a struggle. I still struggle with it, but I’m a lot better than I used to be… So you can train yourself. Oh, b/t/w, my book is called The Worrywart’s Prayer Book, and you can get it on Amazon.

      Good luck to you and God bless you and help you not worry so much.

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