Use Negative Energy to Do Something Positive

Okay, so the job hunting is getting you down. There’s nothing out there, and no sign of anything coming down the pike.  Or that guy you spent so much time with at the bar the other night, the one you texted three times, the one who never responded, finally did. But it was just to say he was going out of town.  Or your dog (or your kid) needs dental work to the tune of $2,700 which you really can’t afford now (or ever, really). Zat what’s troubling you, bunky?

Dozens of things come up every day that can put you in a negative frame of mind (if you let them), and, BAM, there goes your whole day. You mope. You worry. You gnaw away your energy with negativity, which fuels even more anxieties and depression.

Don’t do it.  You have a choice. Stop negativity in its tracks.  Don’t let it rob you.  Use its energy to do something positive….read up on some new technologies; start a blog, do some filing (I hate filing),write a blog; clean out a closet; round up some old clothes for the Goodwill.

You get the point. When something untoward happens, you have a decision to make: do I refuse to compound my problem by staying mired in negativity. Or do I accept what happened, and move on. How long you entertain those bad thoughts is totally in your control. You can invite them in for a sit-down and some coffee. Or you can get rid of them as fast as a Nascar driver headed for the checkered flag.  

Remember, if we give negative thinking an inch, it will take four thousand yards. Don’t let it.


2 responses to “Use Negative Energy to Do Something Positive

  1. When I was younger my mother ungraciously called me “stupid” when I didn’t sit with my head in my hands and worry about things as she did. I can’t imagine how I would have had the energy to do all the things I’ve done if I had followed her direction! Not only can we decide on our own to take the positive path when bad things happen, but we can also choose our own path instead of following another’s path even when they are a trusted authority.

  2. You nailed it on the head! As my book points out, getting anxious over something because someone else does won’t help them or you. We must separate the other person’s issues from our own, which is not callous or uncaring…just detaching with love. My first comment….oh joy!

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