How Am I Going to Do It All?

I’m just too darn busy, you say. Like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, you keep checking your phone (which now serves as your watch, go figure), and coming up short.

You need to multi-task, multi-task, multi-task, so you can do more in less time so you can do even more with the time you’ve saved. Okay so you bought the valentine’s day cards; spent time pick them out.  But the cards won’t sign themselves and the envelopes won’t address themselves (phooey). So you need to find time, today, if they’re to reach people by February 14th to write them out. And the anxiety mounts.  

Oh, it’s not just the cards. There are scads of things on your “to do” list. Some are on there since last week. In between them all, you have to exercise; check out Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.  Time to pet the cats? Not a lot. Food shopping, now that you MUST do. And all your deadlines really HAVE to be met. Time to watch the sky turn from pink to dark blue…a milisecond, maybe. Gotta write your blog, reply to emails, make the dinner too.

And prayer?  God? A bit of Scripture reading? Going to visit a sick neighbor? Say what? 

As I mention in my book, if the amount of things we do in a day has us worrying how we’re ever going to get them all done, we need a time-out. We need to stop, make a list (oh no, not another one), and prioritize.

Because, if, as Saint Augustine says, “the sole purpose of life in time is to gain merit for life in eternity,” we’d better slow down and make sure what we’re doing isn’t just fluff and stuff…that it’s not only worth something in this life, but also in the Book of Life.

As I mention in WWPB, when it comes to Judgment Day, God will probably not be interested in how much we included in our day, but how much of our day included Him.  Now I’ve got to run…..I’m busy, you know.


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