Will I Ever Find Love?

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess was looking for her true love.  As time moved on, and on, and on, she grew more and more, and yes, even more anxious, as did everyone in the court, most especially, the queen mother. This did nothing for the princess’s complexion, not to mention her disposition.  After some time, though, the beautiful princess decided to hand over her worries to the Lord, and not just any Lord, but THE LORD.  She thought, “Maybe THE LORD wants me to get to know myself and what I want out of life better so I could make a better choice.”  

So she got down on her knees and prayed, “LORD, I’d love to find my true love and be wed. (Besides the Queen Mother is kvetching because she wants to wear her new ball gown.)  But if being single’s the way you want me to live, then so be it.”

The LORD heard the princess’s prayer, and because she trusted Him and put matters in His hands, He arranged it so that she was where she needed to be when He sent  Mr. Right Knight, not on a white steed, but in a burgundy Ford.  Needless to say, the beautiful princess fell in love, married, wrote a soon-to-be-bestseller book on worry, and has lived happily ever after since.

The moral? Worry causes wrinkles and will not get you a man. It is also not pleasing to THE LORD. It as much as tells Him you don’t trust Him. What’s more, every princess should keep in mind that all the worrying in the world will not alter THE LORD’S clock one iota. His timing is perfect.  So don’t make yourself crazy over something that might not happen today, but, if it’s THE LORD’S Will, could certainly happen tomorrow or the next day, or the next month.  Take a lesson out of the princess’s book: have faith; believe, and keep a list of prospective bride’s maidens handy.


2 responses to “Will I Ever Find Love?

  1. So far I’ve received a lot of cats.

    I think I know who the princess and Mr. Right Knight are.

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