Having a Bad Hair Day? Thank God You Have Hair

“Thou  who hast given so much to me, give one thing more: a grateful heart, for Jesus’ sake.”   ~ George Herbert

Okay, so you’re having a bad day, and it’s not  just your hair. There are pressures, disappointments, annoyances. It’s one thing after another. You start the “what ifs” again, worrying because things aren’t going your way, and before you know it, you’re anxious and in a bad mood.

Three little words can get you out of your funk: “Thank You, God.” An attitude of gratitude casts out fear and worry and reminds us how gracious God is and has always been to us.  It reminds us to focus on the good things in our life, and when we do, the piddly worries and woe-is-me feelings don’t stand a chance.

Take those proverbial lemons and make lemonade.  You may be sick…but it’s only a cold…it’s irritating, but you’ll get better; problems at your job…thank God you have one (and any job in this economy is heaven-sent); okay, you don’t have a job…but you have some income to get you through while you look; got a toothache…might help you quit eating sweets and so you lose five pounds…your eyesight’s getting iffy; but you can correct it with glasses; your sister is a pain…but at least you’re not co-joined; your hair’s a wreck…at least you have some.

“Give thanks in all circumstances,” the Bible says. And if you do, you may just see how very fortunate you are.  Thank God for what you have not what you perceive you don’t have.  You get my drift.

A wise, old (but still in possession of most of her marbles) author, in a moment of Spirit-induced clarity once wrote in her book on worry…. “Our goal is to get to the point where ‘Thank You, God,’ not ‘Oh, my God!’ is our automatic response to any and every situation, even though we can’t imagine what good can come of it.”  I try to follow her advice every day…but some days are better than others… Still I won’t worry about it….so don’t you.


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