Fill Your Child’s Easter Basket With Hugs & Kisses & More…..

Want to nestle some blessings and love among the jellybeans in your little one’s Easter basket this year? Want to fill it with Hugs & Kisses? Well, not to worry. Here’s your chance. From today, March 20, 2012, until April 4th, I’m giving away two of  my most recent lift-the-flap books from Zonderkidz: Hugs & Kisses, God, from Kids Around the World, and Thank You, God, from Kids Around the World.  Here’s how to win: Comment on this post with a one/two sentence answer to this question: How can we teach our children to show God their love as they go through their day?  I’ll pick three winners who’ll each get both books, and will annouce the winners on April 4th. In case you’re wondering if your child will like the books, here are the trailers. Judge for yourself:   Here is the second trailer:  Thanks and love and blessings to all.


29 responses to “Fill Your Child’s Easter Basket With Hugs & Kisses & More…..

  1. By sharing God’ word with our children/grandchildren & keeping Him in their fore thoughts. When my granddaughter has an issue with classmates, I ask her how would Jesus like us to fix this? She loves reading and has several of your early reader book..Keep up the GREAT work. Thanks

  2. Teach them to be accepting, welcoming & kind to other children. Help them understand that the words we say need to be pleasing to Jesus and that we need to praise Him in all that we do. I am so excited to teach my daughter about the Word of God, this is her 1st Easter and she has been through a lot, open heart surgery at 1 month old in November and she eats with a feeding tube. I hope that I can help her find comfort one day in knowing that the Lord loves her and created her in his image, that he has big huge plans for her despite her health problems. I hope that she will accept that wholeheartedly and use her obstacles and triumphs to help others in need.

  3. My older son, Christian, is on the autism spectrum, and going to school used to be filled anxiety for both of us. During these times, we’d always say the following verse together: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9. As we’d say this verse, I came to realize that Christian isn’t the only one who needed to be comforted, and that I needed that same reminder as well. He always carries a cross in his pants pocket, so that when he does feel anxiety, he can put his hand in his pocket, feel his cross, and remember that God is with him and gives him strength. And, so I marvel when Christian would tell me that he needed to “feel Jesus” because it showed his understanding that Jesus is God. When we first found out that Christian was on the spectrum, it was a struggle for us to come to terms with it. Through this experience, we’ve become stronger in our faith, and watching Christian flourish in the regular classroom is a testament to God’s hand at work.

  4. Carolon Leonard

    The best way is to show them. Seeing us be an example of showing love to others and God will make more of an impression on them than anything we can tell them.

  5. I think the best way they can show is by treating others with kindness and respect. Also when you see your child doing this give them praise and let them know how proud Jesus would be of them as well as you. Also having constant communication about making good choices vs bad choices.

  6. The best way to teach a child about showing God’s love throughout the day is by our own example, by letting your kindness, compassion and love for others be your best foot forward, just as Jesus did. Kids learn more by example than by words, so be a “doer of God’s Word” and get them involved in helping you.

    • Little ones do look to their elders to show them the way, you’re right. Sometimes we forget they absorb what we do like thirsty sponges. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  7. I teach my six year old daughter to show God’s love at school by being kind, respecting her teachers, her peers and following rules. She is taking what she learns from her Sunday classes at church, her bible reading and what I teach her and applying it to her everyday life. Somedays I think she does a much better job at doing what Jesus wants than I do!

  8. I teach my daughter by modeling prayer and worshiping Him through song. She’s two-and-a-half and loves to sing kids’ praise songs, dance, & “accompany” me on the piano!

  9. Greetings….Today is the day I announce the winners of my two Lift-the-Flap Books. Well, guess what? Everyone’s a winner….. If you commented on this blog, please email me @ with your address and I will get the books right out to you. Thanks again to everyone who shared their thoughts. And a Blessed Easter. P.S.: If any of you like the book, and feel you want to leave a rewiew on Amazon, or recommend the books to your friends, I’d be very grateful.

  10. Thank you! What a great prize for everyone! I sent my email to you from my muzicdiva777 email addy. Can’t wait to read them with my granddaughter and youngest grandson!

  11. Allia…I got the books in the mail today! They are wonderful! I read them to myself and am ecstatic about the great message, great artwork, and the stories shared in both. I’m going to review them on my blog For His Praise and Glory, and for Radiant I really think we need to get the word out about these wonderful books! I can’t wait to share them with my grandchildren, and my 12 year old already said she want to keep them for her “Babysitting Box” so she can read them to children she takes care of in the future. Thank you for the books!

  12. So sorry it took me so long. Our P.O. is in an out-of-the-way place as far as parking goes. But I’m so happy you like them, and am even happier, you will review them. Thanks so much for joining in the contest. Blessings.

  13. Here are the reviews for my blog They will be the same for Radiant, but will take longer for them to appear on that site, since they only release one or two reviews a day.

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