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My Latest Book from Harvest House….

Okay, yes, I have been very worried…worried that I can’t keep up with everything, particularly this blog. But I do have several good reasons. I’ve been totally blessed with  new books, which are just now pubbing. This is my latest from Harvest House: THE LORD’S PRAYER FOR LITTLE ONES. It teaches youngsters that talking to their Creator is a great joy…one they can have every day when they pray. The book also has a Dig Deeper section in the back that relates to what they’ve learned, a glossary, and a really cool hand gesture interpretation of the prayer they can learn as they learn the words.  It’s a book you can share with your children that will hopefully instill in them the habit of prayer, one they’ll keep for a lifetime… So enjoy…. And yes, I will keep my blog more up-to-date…I will keep my blog more up-to-date…as soon as I finish this one little book.  Blessings.